Where to get it: http://teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

Server Address: ts.starcitizenbase.com

In order to get the proper tags and permissions, you must register through the portal. Instructions below.
Before you continue, please read through the General Teamspeak Rules first.

By joining our teamspeak server and clicking “OK” on the popup message, you agree to the rules found there.

Register your permissions

How to navigate to your teamspeak registration manually

This teamspeak registration setup is for after you pass the Exam and become a Full Fleet Member.

  • Go to portal.starcitizenbase.com/teamspeak
    In order to log into the portal, you must be logged into the main forums.
  • Click on “Create New Registration”, and follow the instructions listed there.
  • If you're all ready, click on “I am ready, connect me”

The portal will now prompt you to start the teamspeak application, allow this and let it connect to our server automatically. If all is right, the bot will give you the proper tags within a matter of seconds.

Note that the portal has created a bookmark in your teamspeak application. You can now use this one at all times, and you will not have to go through the portal again to connect to teamspeak.

If you need to go on teamspeak from another device, and you want to have the same permissions there too, just repeat the same process on your other computer / phone / tablet, and you will be given the same tags.


1. My permissions aren't updating after creating a registration!
When you've done all the above steps, created your registration and joined teamspeak, and your permissions aren't updating, there can be a number of things wrong:

  • Make sure you have only one (1) Unique ID listed in teamspeak (check Settings > Identities)
  • Check if the Unique ID listed there matches with the one on the portal. If it doesn't, remove all of the Identities and do the registration process again.
  • Make sure you don't have any “Friends” tags on teamspeak. If you do, ask a TS moderator or HR member to remove it for you.

2. I am being moved into a channel called “Name Mismatch”, what's wrong?
If you join the server, and you are being moved right away to a channel called “Name Mismatch: Read Description —>”, then obviously the bot has detected a name mismatch.

You can fix this by checking the following: Your teamspeak name has to be the exactly the same as on the StarCitizenBase forums, however, the first letter always has to be capitalized, regardless of the capitalization on the forums.

If you have any special characters in your name, the bot might not recognize them at all. If there is no way for you to get your permissions back, contact a member of Human Resources to get you helped out.

3. I click “I am ready, connect me” but it doesn't work!
You click the button “I am ready, connect me” but teamspeak is not opening, or nothing is happening, or you get an error in the browser.

Possible cause #1: You have previously opened a teamspeak url and checked “Don't open the app” and “Remember my choice for all links of this type” so your browser is ignoring the redirect.
Solution: Undo the browser preferences you made in the settings of your web browser, or temporarily try another web browser.

Possible cause #2: Your web browser doesn't support application links of this kind at all.
Solution: Try another browser altogether.

Possible cause #3: There was a problem with your installation of teamspeak or your web browser, the teamspeak url is not registered to open the teamspeak application.
Solution: Reinstall teamspeak, or your web browser (in admin mode).

One time alternate solution:

  1. Open Teamspeak and get ready to connect to ts.starcitizenbase.com with you exact portal username, but do not connect.
  2. On the Portal on the Teamspeak page click “Create New Registration” and then click “I am ready, connect me”
  3. After clicking “I am ready, connect me” do not wait and immediately connect to our Teamspeak (as prepared in step #1)
  4. Wait a few second (up to 1min) in the default channel. You should get your permissions.