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Both Star Citizen Base and Imperium share the same Teamspeak and rules. The Star Citizen Base/Imperium Teamspeak is designed to facilitate open conversation. It is required to follow all rules while using the Star Citizen Base Teamspeak. Repeated violations may result in your account being suspended/banned from the Teamspeak. If help is required, please contact a member of the Human Resources team.

1: Disrespect: Do not disrespect any members.

  • Banter exists between members and is to be expected, however, excessive banter is not tolerated.
  • There is a difference between banter and bullying/disrespecting.
  • Please report any disrespect to Human Resources.

2: Harassment: Do not harass any members.

3: Spam: Do not spam using chat or voice.

4: Final words: Officers/Human Resources/Teamspeak Moderators words are final.

5: Doxxing: Do not publish personal information of another member.

  • Any violation of this rule will most likely result in an immediate ban.

6: Sub-Channels: Create a marked sub-channel while streaming/recording.

  • The name must clearly indicate where the stream is being uploaded.
  • These sub-channels must be created under the relevant parent channel (“Star Citizen” or “Other Games”).
  • The only exception to this rule is for The Base Radio and their “LIVE” channel.

If someone is causing issues privately ask them to stop. If they continue then please contact a Teamspeak Moderator or Human Resources member and explain the situation to them. Document anything of value as it is useful to the moderation staff.

  • If no Teamspeak Moderators or Human Resources members are available, please submit a Portal Ticket to them regarding this situation.

Teamspeak contains a variety of channels, each with different guidelines for appropriate topics.

1: Leadership Channels:

  • Specialists and above use these channels for fleet related projects and meetings.

2: Help Desk / Human Resources:

  • Human Resources members come here to discuss Human Resources matters.
  • Members can come here to receive assistance.

3: Lobby - General Talk [PTT]:

  • No discussing NSFW subjects.
  • No drama.
  • No drugs.
  • No slurs.
  • No heated debate.
  • No politics.
  • No religion.

4: Lobby - Politics/Religion/History [PTT]:

  • For all topics that include political, religious, and historical content.
  • With context, slurs/etc is allowed.

5: Lobby - NSFW [PTT]:

  • For adult topics and questionable behavior.
  • With context, slurs/etc is allowed.

6: Disturb me - Poke if needed:

  • Idle channel designed to allow for a quiet workspace.

7: Imperium Division channels:

  • Rooms for individuals to discuss various aspects of the fleet with regards to Divisions.

8: Star Citizen:

  • Channels provided for you to play the various modules of Star Citizen.

9: Other Games:

  • Channels provided for members to play other games together.
  • If your game is not listed you can create a temporary sub-channel.

10: AFK: A channel for AFK members.

User Created Temporary Channels

We do not want to prevent discussion. Instead we provide an environment where people may choose to discuss what they like. Any member can create their own temporary sub-channels for a specific topic. Keep in mind that these sub-channels must not be created under the Leadership or Imperium Divisions sections on Teamspeak. These general rules also always apply:

  • Do not interrupt other people.
  • Let others share in the conversation.
  • Keep chat and links appropriate to the channel you are in.
  • Stick to the appropriately assigned channels for your current game or activity.
  • Treat all guests with a welcoming and respectful attitude.
  • Refer to general rules listed above.


  • The Star Citizen Base/Imperium Teamspeak is a public Teamspeak in which conversations may be recorded for any reason at anytime.
  • Moderation staff reserves the right to take action in any situation as they deem fit. If their moderation work was not done correctly, please contact one of the Human Resource Officers or one of the Fleet Commanders with a private message.
  • By using the Star Citizen Base Teamspeak you agree to abide by all the rules.