Star Citizen's Premier Online Radio Station
The Base Radio is a fan run radio station based at starcitizenbase, centered around the Star Citizen game, by and for the community.

The Base Radio is Star Citizen's Premier Online Radio Station!
Since December 2013, The Base Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 with non-stop music, talk shows, Star Citizen news, give-aways, comedy, interviews, humour, contests, analysis, discussions, and more. Currently with a team of 6 managers and 20+ crewmen we bring all this to you, every week, fresh and live through Shoutcast and

We pride ourselves on supporting the Star Citizen community at large, providing a source for spreading the news with our partners like those found under Our Friends, a great source of interviews with both fans and Cloud Imperium Games staff alike, and in addition to the auto DJ making sure we've got tunes 24/7, a number of live DJ's spinning up the best music in the 'verse!

The Base is proud to support and partner with the following people / groups:

  • Star Citizen Base
  • Guard Frequency
  • Sofiegrl
  • Star Citizens United
  • Imperial News Network
  • Bad News Gaming
  • HydroBigBANG
  • Space Debris Prop
  • Star Signal
  • ErikMcKetten
  • SC Lore Cast
  • Diverse The Verse

December 14, 2013:
Shoutcast server was created and the music began to come into your earholes.

January 3rd, 2014:
The first live show “The Friday Night Show” hosted by Ricko, marked the official opening of the station.

January 11, 2014:
Cranked stream bitrate up to 192 kbps

January 15, 2014:
Webpage created at

January 28, 2014:
Zhane's “Space Debris” was the second show to be added to the schedule

January 30, 2014:
DJ Raoulduke joins the team with his own show

February 3, 2014:
A test-stream was created to help the influx of DJ's to test out their skills on the air

February 14, 2014:
Rellim, DJ Ro and CosmicBadger join the team, having their own separate shows

April 11, 2014:
Anniversary show happened, nearly setting the shoutcast server on fire. Hence forth the shoutcast listener cap was increased greatly.

April 18, 2014:
Pedro Camacho, composer at CIG, is the first external guest to be interviewed on the air

June 8th, 2014:
During “The Next Great Starship” Finale show, The Base Radio had monkeys Trendane and Ravana live on the floor, interviewing the winners “Four Horsemen”.

March 8th, 2015
The Base registers the domain name

March 25, 2015:
Started 24/7 stream on, approved by twitch team.

March 25, 2015:
The Base Radio was featured on the first “Wonderful World of Star Citzien”, hosted by Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby.

April 15, 2015:
The Base Radio's Twitch stream was hosted by CIG after their weekly “Reverse the Verse” show.

May 29, 2015:
Anniversary show with INN, giving away over 1200 USD worth of gifts, overloaded the SCB website nearly causing it to crash.

June 6, 2015:
The Base Radio opens their own Patreon page, allowing people to donate the extra monthly money to the station.

August 1, 2015:
Our own merchandise web shop was opened through Spreadshirts, allowing us to sell our t-shirts, mugs and more with our logos on it!

August 6, 2015:
INN and The Base Radio do live coverage of the Star Citizen news from Gamescom Germany

August 15, 2015:
Successfully funded an Origin 890 Jump for The Base Radio. This ship will be the hub for all our fans in the future game!

September 12, 2015:
Successfully funded a trip to CitizenCon UK for our monkey Doopsums, allowing him to do live coverage for us!

October 11, 2015:
INN and The Base do live coverage of CitizenCon 2015, interviewing Sandi Gardiner, Erin Roberts, a whole lot of fans, and more!

January 1, 2016:
Anniversary Friday Night Show happened with lots of giveaways.

June 19, 2016:
The Base's yearly “Anniversary Server Fire show” happened, featuring Ben Lesnick and many guests, giveaways and hype. No servers were set on fire this time though.

August 8, 2016:
Developed by our own tech monkey Pegasus, a mobile app for both Android and iOS was released, allowing you to listen on the go and check our news/chat at the same time!

September 10, 2016:
The Base's shoutcast and web server were moved over to a self-managed server, allowing us to have direct control and much more data storage to be used for music!

September 16, 2016:
Using a jelly-bean eating game, we successfully funded Rellim an upgrade for his computer, so he could properly do intensive Base Radio producing on his system. This day would not be the last we would be eating jelly beans.

November 9th, 2016:
A new show “Lightspeed Lunatics” joins the schedule, starring Edenstar, Sofiegrl and Batgirl

[wip more to be added]]

Is this legal?
Our radio station is fully licenced under Canadian license Tariff 22.F. Additionally, our twitch channel has been approved by the twitch staff themselves to make sure nobody can flag us for copyright strikes.