Imperium Discord Rules

Both Star Citizen Base and Imperium share the same Discord server, and therefore rules. The Star Citizen Base/Imperium Discord is designed to facilitate open conversation. It is required to follow all rules while using this Discord server. Repeated violations may result in your account being suspended/banned from the Discord, other other disciplinary action being taken. If help is required, please contact a member of the Human Resources team.

Discord Registration

If you already use Discord, skip to step 3.

Step One:

Step 3: SCB Portal. Click “Link my Discord account”.
  • Downloading Discord
    Go to: and navigate to the downloads page.
    Alternatively, you can use the links provided below.
    • Linux - Please go to the downloads page and choose between deb and tar.gz as a type of download.
  • You can also download Discord for your mobile phone. It supports Android and iOS.

Step Two:

Step 4: Connect Discord to the SCB Portal. If you do not see this, log into your discord account on their website first.
  • Create a discord account
    The username you choose doesn't have to match SCB, But the bot will changed your nickname to match SCB once you have permissions.
    If you need to change your name contact a HR Officer for assistance.

Step Three:

Step Four:

  • After completing step three, you will be redirected to, and it will prompt you to connect Discord to the SCB Portal. You will then need to select “Authorize”.
    Note: You must be logged into your account on in order for the Authorization to go through.
  • Once on the server, you will automatically be placed in a queue to get your permissions automatically. Usually, it is pretty instant, however, it can take up to 5 minutes to fully pull your permissions, so please allow a grace period.

If you are having a problem with any of the above steps, please contact a member of Human Resources and we will be able to assist you better!

Discord TAG and Name Change Request

Step One:

  • Please post in the “tag-and-name-request” channel in Discord the following information:
    • Link to your SCB profile.
    • Link to your RSI profile.
    • The desired name and/or tag you are requesting.

Step Two:

  • Respond to a PM sent to you on SCB.
  • Once you respond and confirm your identity, your request will be processed.

(If you are requesting IMP tags, please be sure you have passed your entrance exam)