The primary point of contact between Unit Administration and the Fleet Leadership will be through a member of the Unit Support Staff. This Staff will consist of Specialists and Members of Fleet Leadership who are completely familiar with all aspects of the Unit System and Fleet Structure. The Unit Specialist is responsible for communicating with the unit administrator, performing ‘Unit Health Checks’, and addressing any concerns that the Unit might have as well as passing those concerns on to a qualified Officer or Fleet Command if necessary. These specialists will also work with potential Unit Administrators to streamline Unit Creation. Members of Imperium may apply for this position through the Portal.

Regular ‘Unit Health Checks’ will be done by the Unit Support Staff to assist Unit Administrator to correct the issue within their unit with a gentle hand. They will also pass along concerns, or feedback regarding the Unit System as it evolves. If a member of the Unit Support Staff realizes that a Unit is experiencing difficulty with conforming to general Unit standardization they will do their best to help the Unit Administrator correct these issues. In the rare case that a Unit Administrator does not wish to cooperate with Unit Support Staff, Unit Support Staff will open a conflict with HR and Human Resources will handle the issue from there.

The current Unit Support Staff include:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Performing Regular Unit Health Checks
  • Assisting Unit Administrators in their responsibilities to their membership and Imperium.
  • Acting as a point of contact between Unit Administration and Fleet Leadership.
  • Assist new Unit Administrators in the Unit Creation process.