Fleet Commander: Core

Fleet Command: Sir_Belial - Chimaera - Gallitin

Division Senior Officer Section Officers
Primary Divisions:
Military: Sir_Belial Morse - Macgivre - J.Coren
Science: CC-Corp
Trade & Industry: CyberianK - REIGN-11-87
Other Divisions:
Operations: Arcanus - Trophias - Grizz
Academy: PowerWagon
Technology: Kraan Rastaban - Posidonius
Diplomacy: Chimaera
Intelligence: Acent0r
Human Resources: Shane - Switch - PowerWagon
Media: Nazerath - Ryftae

A Division is the highest tier section of Imperium’s structure. Divisions are responsible for different core sections of fleet activities.

Composed of multiple sub-divisions and sections. Has ownership of relevant gameplay types within Star Citizen, and establishes goals related to those gameplay types in order to grow and support Imperium.

Made of multiple sections with similar responsibilities and tasks. Exists when more staff are required to accomplish a task than a single section can account for.

Contains the majority of staff within a division. Has specific goals and responsibilities assigned in order to mete out division objectives. Multiple sections make up a division.

Section Types:
Military, Science, Trade & Industry, and Operations all have the below sections, albeit under different names, and potentially slightly different goals. Divisions may also adjust or add to these section descriptions as they wish and may have additional sections not listed here, as is the case with our Support divisions, whose activity primarily consists of out-of-game tasks and projects.

Planning Section:
This section will be responsible for planning out official Imperium missions in order to accomplish division goals. While this sounds simple, the task may encompass projects as large as planning the invasion of several star systems over a period of three months, or planning the transport of two hundred ships and several-hundred-thousand tons of cargo to various mission sites spread across space. The goals for mission planning may vary by division, but this section is the cortex of deciding how the division will operate in-game, working with other division sections to ensure plans are generated smoothly and executed properly.

Training Section:
This section is charged with identifying all of the relevant mission roles that may be present on missions related to a type of gameplay, and creating the standards that players will need to perform to when playing those roles in-game. For example, Operations may have a level of expectations placed on engineers managing the powerplants of Imperium’s capital ships to ensure that they won’t cause the death of all players onboard due to not knowing their job. Those standards are passed off to the Academy division to be translated into digestible material in the form of courses. Once individuals are finished with their courses, they are certified for that role and may sign up for said role via the mission system.

On top of their above description, this section will eventually be responsible for ensuring the standards they’ve passed onto Academy are being properly followed, or alternatively, determining if the written standards can be cut back if field data shows some parts of a role’s training had negligible application in the game.

Data Section:
This section is concerned with in-game data collection, processing, and analysis. Each division with this section will need to research the capabilities of systems in-game as they relate to their chosen gameplay types, as well as understand how these systems are being utilized by players, both in and out of the organization. Trade & Industry may be interested in the most efficient methods of factory production for small arms, and would likely utilize this section to find the most optimal tactic for boosting our own production via in-game research and testing. The data collected from these tests will need to be transformed into a usable product that T&I leadership can utilize to update our factory layouts and improve our throughput for this product.

Gameplay Section:
This section is composed of staff who have gained many hours of relevant mission-command experience for their division. Ideally, these individuals would be the first to be called on when it comes time to determine mission leaders for high-priority missions in-game, though as long as any member is certified, they too will be qualified to lead Imperium forces in any type of gameplay. As some divisions have a broader spread of gameplay types they have interests in, so too will their gameplay sections grow to ensure full coverage of those types.

Ranks are the system of hierarchical relationships within Imperium.

Fleet Commander:
The individual that leads the organization in its entirety.

Fleet Command:
May oversee multiple divisions and act as an advisor to division leadership and staff. Reports to the Fleet Commander.

Senior Officer:
Oversees their division and all sections within. Works as the point of contact for staff outside of their division, and assigns tasks and projects to their section officers. Primarily responsible for administrative tasks related to the management of the division. Reports to the Fleet Commander.

Section Officer:
Responsible for a section of their division and the staff within. Manages section projects and section staff to ensure tasks are completed to standard. Reports to their Senior Officer.

Senior Specialist:
A senior specialist is a specialist that has been determined to have the capability to lead other staff members in projects and tasks for their section and division. Reports to their Section Officer.

A specialist is the lowest rank of Imperium staff, usually as a part of a division. These individuals work with other staff members to ensure the completion of projects. Reports to their Section Officer.

Imperium Member:
General member rank of Imperium. We do not expect a member to slot into specific game play. We encourage all types of game play that do not include piracy. Should you want to learn more about a more specific role within Imperium, please check out the Positions below with the type of gameplay that you are most interested in for more information.