Fleet Commander: Gallitin

Sub-Commanders: Ostia - Core - Chimaera

Division Officers
Primary Divisions:
Military: Nazerath - Sir_Belial
Exploration: CC-Corp - Valenquo
Trade & Industry: CyberianK - REIGN-11-87
Other Divisions:
Diplomacy: Ryofar
Human Resources: Shane
Intelligence: Nip
Operations: Arcanus - Trophias
Technology: Kraan Rastaban

A Division is the highest tier section of Imperium’s structure. Divisions are responsible for different core sections of fleet activities.

Ranks are the system of hierarchical relationships within Imperium.

Fleet Commander:
Designated person in charge of the organization in its entirety.

Designated person(s) in charge of specific divisions within Imperium or a particular area of interest. Reports to the Fleet Commander.

Commanding Officer:
Designated person(s) in charge of a Division in its entirety. Coordinates with other primary divisional Commanding Officer(s). Reports directly to SubCommander(s).

Designated person(s) in charge of one of the main mission type categories. Reports to Commanding Officer and is in charge of a Specialist or Specialists in their designated division.

Imperium recruits that have passed all requirements for initial membership. Members are not speciffically assigned to a division, but are answerable to the officers and Commanders, as well as a leadership person or persons in charge of a mission.

A position is a job within the organization that has no relation to rank. Generally, these positions are granted to members based on a member’s desire, skill set, availability, compatibility, and overall need on the part of Imperium.

Designated person(s) in charge of mission creation and reports. A specialist is normally assigned to one or two subcategory mission types and will report to the officer that is in charge of that mission type. Specialists will also work with Academy to develop proper member training courses.

  • Military Specialist
    Military Specialists are responsible for the collection of information concerning military missions and the creation of those missions. Some examples of information collection would be details pertaining to listed offensive and defensive operations, as well as many forms of reconnaissance operations.
  • Trade & Industry Specialist
    Trade and Industry Specialists are responsible for the collection of information concerning Trade and Industry missions and the creation of those missions. Some examples of information collection would be details pertaining to resource management, trading, manufacturing, logistics, and engineering.
  • Exploration Specialist
    Exploration Specialists are responsible for the collection of information concerning Exploration missions and the creation of those missions. Some examples of information collection would be details pertaining to communication, telemetry, and navigation along with coordinating C&C efforts.
  • Operations Specialist
    Operations Specialists are responsible for monitoring the creation of low level missions and coordinating higher level mission creation with Fleet Command and Imperium Officers. In addition, they also coordinate the allocation of mission resources & personnel, according to established Imperium Mission Priority Guidelines.
  • Unit Support Specialist
    The Unit Specialist is responsible for communicating with the unit administrator, performing ‘Unit Health Checks’, and addressing any concerns that the Unit might have as well as passing those concerns on to a qualified Officer or Fleet Command if necessary. These specialists will also work with potential Unit Administrators to streamline Unit Creation. Members of Imperium may apply for this position through the Portal.

Media Member:
An Imperium member who provides the fleet with assistance in the production of graphics that meet the Imperium standard for signatures, recruitment posters, and other resources.

Technology Member:
An Imperium member who provides technical support (either software or hardware) that helps keeps the forums and associated systems (such as TeamSpeak) functioning normally and/or actively develops the systems to help manage Imperium’s members and assets.

A diplomat is an Imperium member who, on behalf of Imperium leadership, deals with other organizations, acts as a point of contact for communications between other organizations and Imperium, and negotiates treaties and agreements between Imperium and other organizations. The level of negotiation possible varies based off of diplomatic rank, with alliances only able to be negotiated or approved by the Diplomat Fleet SubCommander and Fleet Command as a whole.

Human Resources Member:
A dedicated member who is willing to listen and assist any fleet member or recruit with their problems, eventual conflicts, the recruitment process or any other area that is being brought to them. If a HRmember does not know how to assist, they will direct you to someone who can. Ultimately they are here to help you help yourself.

Academy Course Developers:
An Imperium member who has shown a talent for not only delivering training packages but also the construction of same. Academy Faculty are the men and women who help specialists turn their talents in their specific sphere into something that can be taught to basic members. These individuals are responsible for the administration of training courses, their maintenance in order to keep them current, and some of the administration that goes into ensuring that the right people are selected for the right missions, as well as giving members access to the training that they desire.

Press Secretary:
A member of the community that edits, revises, and helps create official announcements and documentation coming from Fleet Command, the Officers, and other officials that require assistance in creating official documents for Imperium.

Forum Moderator:
A Forum Moderator is a member tasked with making sure the CoC and the forum rules are being upheld, as well as helping officers and HR to moderate the forums in general and keeping a friendly climate there.

Discord Moderator:
Discord Moderators are responsible for assisting HR members and the officers in upholding the CoC and Discord rules, keeping a friendly, relaxed, and open climate/atmosphere in all channels, as well as forwarding eventual problems, ideas, or suggestions that they encounter or hear about while on Discord to the responsible person(s).

Unit Administrator:
The Unit Administrator is responsible for organizing a unit in terms of its creation, member management, direction, and unit information. The administrator also serves as a direct point of contact for the Unit Support Staff, Human Resources, and Officers. Lastly, the administrator is responsible for upholding the unit regulations and procedures as set forth by Imperium. The unit administrator is an administrative organizational role. A Unit administrator does not have any operational authority in a regards to fleet operations or missions unless the individual has been certified through the proper training channels.

Unit Assistant Administrator:
The Unit Assistant Administrator is responsible for supporting the Administrator their primary responsibilities. Assistant administrators also serve as secondary point of contact for the Unit.