The following information is for people that were accepted to our organization on RSI, and now have the rank 'Recruit'. These people will need to go through a few more steps before becoming a full fleet member. If you are not a recruit or fleet member, you will not have access to some of these links. This is intended.

To begin your recruitment process please read through the tasks and information listed below, they will introduce you to our forums & make sure you're accustomed to Imperium. Upon nearing the end, you will have an Exam referencing the links you just reviewed, you may open the links as reference to the answers as long as you understand the answer to the question, being our goal of the exam.

Once the Exam is completed, please allow HR time to process and get back to you, if you pass the exam you will immediately be promoted to a Imperium Member.

In order to navigate back to this page, click on the “- Recruits” entry in the sidebar of the wiki.

  1. Set Imperium as your main org on RSI
  2. Exam (remember, review info below)

After completing these tasks you may now take the exam. While doing the exam feel free to check back on threads you have just looked at above. Before clicking on the link, make sure you are logged into the SCB forums.

Click here to go to the portal to start the exam

Navigate to “SCB” on the top and click on “Take Exam”


1: I'm having a problem taking the exam?

  • If there are technical or other problems taking the exam contact a member of Human Resources.

2: I've just failed the exam?

  • Re-read the recruitment information and study the questions that were incorrect, you are able to retake the exam.

3: I've just passed the exam?

  • At the earliest convenience, a Human Resources member will approve the application which will update account permissions to full Imperium member status.