Thank you for taking an interest in the Imperium Fleet. To apply to the organization, please make sure you follow these instructions as they are required to join. If there are questions about this process, please contact Human Resources.

1: Create an account: Create an account on Star Citizen Base (Register).

2: Submit an application: Submit an application to the Imperium (Roberts Space Industries) organization.

  • Within this application, place a link to the registered Star Citizen Base account.
  • Make sure to set membership as a primary organization and visible as Imperium membership may not be redacted or hidden.

3: Notify Human Resources: There are multiple ways to notify Human Resources regarding applications.

  • Submit a private message to a member of Human Resources via Star Citizen Base.
  • Join the Imperium Discord Server and notify a member of Human Resources directly or with an @HR notification.
  • Create a topic within in the New Arrivals section of the Star Citizen Base forums.

4: Wait for an update: It takes time to process applications so please be patient.

  • If an update to the application is not given within 72 hours, please use another method of communication to reach the Human Resources team (step #3 on this list).

5: After fleet acceptance: There are a few things to go over after becoming a member of Imperium.

  • The status of Recruit will be given.
  • A private message will be sent containing information on how to get started within Imperium.
  • Imperium requires a short exam/questionnaire after acceptance to ensure that people are aware of this important info. It contains 15 questions which are all multiple choice.

1: Discord: How can I connect to Discord?

2: Timezone: What timezone does Imperium use?

  • We use UTC as a standard timezone.
  • Date format in Imperium is YYYY/MM/DD.

3: Visibility setting: Which visibility setting should be chosen for an application?

  • Imperium requires that members display their allegiance at all times. Do not change this visibility status without permission.

4: Join as an affiliate: Can I join Imperium as an affiliate?

  • It is required to fully commit to the fleet. All members must designate Imperium as their primary organization.

5. Affiliate other organizations: Can I join another organization as an affiliate while a member of Imperium?

  • Members may join other organizations as affiliates as long as their goals do not conflict with those of Imperium.

6: Hardcore: Why is Imperium labeled as being a hardcore organization?

  • All levels of member commitment are welcome! The hardcore status was chosen to signify the approach that Imperium has towards the game.