Presentation affects reputation. It is important to remember that decisions and actions do not only reflect upon individuals but also upon those inside of the groups that are represented. Members of Imperium must adhere to these policies in order to remain within the organization. These guidelines and expectations are here for the benefit of everyone within Imperium. It is the responsibility of each member to follow the Code of Conduct. If there needs to be clarification on anything here, please contact Human Resources.

1: Don't be a dick. Don't start drama.

2: All members must represent Imperium at all times through the use of proper Imperium tags (avatars, signatures, etc.).

  • This applies to RSI and SCB forums, as well as RSI chat, Jabber, Discord, and any other public or private mediums related to Star Citizen.

3: Members bear the right to defend themselves, Imperium, other members, and our allies from any from hostile action (within game only).

  • It is important to note, however that members are still expected to act in a mature manner that will reflect positively upon Imperium and themselves.

4: Members must not take important matters into their own hands and are expected to refrain from making any comments or decisions that have not been approved by the appropriate ranking officers.

5: Members are expected to maintain the privacy of information found within the private forums.

6: Issues and concerns regarding Imperium decisions, members, and allies must be brought to the attention of your next in command privately.

  • Members are to avoid public confrontations and internal arguments at all costs as it will reflect poorly upon Imperium.

7: Members must respect one another and show each other kindness, understanding, tolerance, and patience.

  • At all times members of Imperium are expected and obligated to show respect to officers by listening to them and following their lead.
    • Never undermine the authority of a ranking member.

8: Absolutely no bullying, racism, sexism, or other forms of prejudice anywhere.

9: Do not, under any circumstance, reply to attacks or topics about Imperium on the RSI forums. This is a 0 tolerance rule and breaking it will result in an immediate removal from Imperium or as officer sees fit.

10: When dealing with another Imperium member on any platform (e.g. Games, Social media, etc.) even when not representing Imperium the Code of Conduct still applies.

  • Additionally, when representing Imperium in a game, while gaming with other Imperium members in another game or group or guild, or recruiting non-Star Citizen specific players into an Imperium-run guild, your actions and those of any members in an Imperium-run group must follow the Imperium Code of Conduct to ensure that Imperium remains a friendly, and inviting group. This includes adhering to the rules of the place you are currently gaming, whether it be a server, community site, forum, or any other place where you are being hosted by groups other than Imperium.

1: All members must represent Imperium at all times through the use of proper Imperium tags.

2: Under no circumstances can any Imperium member be a Main member of another fleet. (See “Membership stance” below)

3: Members bear the right to defend themselves, Imperium, other members, and our allies from any acts of aggression that may take place in game.

4: Under no circumstances will it be deemed acceptable to engage allied forces.

5: Piracy is not tolerated. (See below for further details)

6: Cheating and exploitation, whether through the use of third party programs or bugs found within the game are highly unacceptable. (See below for further details)

7: Imperium members should take initiative and engage in tasks assigned to their division.

  • Members must follow the lead of their division officer / command team and complete assigned tasks.

8: Members should take initiative and engage in tasks assigned to other divisions when appropriate.

  • When working with another division you are expected to adhere to their policies and to follow the lead of that particular division's command team.

Imperium always has to be your main org. (exceptions need to be approved by Fleet Command/Human Resources on a case by case basis - please contact Human Resources for that).

1: You may not switch Imperium to affiliation without having the approval by Fleet Command/Human Resources if you do you will be warned and shortly after kicked.

2: You may not redact affiliation(s) to other organizations without having approval by Fleet Command/Human Resources if you do you will be warned and shortly after kicked.

3: You may not redact your Imperium membership without having approval by Fleet Command/Human Resources if you do you will be warned and shortly after kicked.

4: You may join other organizations as affiliation as long as their goals do not interfere with Imperiums interests. (If you are unsure about one of your affiliations contact Human Resources)

Imperium, as a Signatory of PACT, will follow the general definition of the term “Piracy” or “Pirate” as agreed to in the PACT Agreement. In the possible event of this definition being unworkable or inapplicable due to specific game mechanics it will be revised and/or removed as determined by Fleet Commander.

PACT (and therefore Imperium) has determined and will recognize the definition of piracy as referring to a person, persons, group, or organization that meet one or more of the following criteria unless otherwise accounted for:

1: Committing an unsolicited act of force, intimidation, theft, coercion, or extortion toward individuals, property, and other assets without relevant legitimate cause.

2: Actively declaring themselves to be an organization or individual in support of piracy, that engages in piracy, or engages in activities that are exclusively piratical in nature.

3: Actively declared by the UEE Advocacy or other governmental law enforcement agency to be guilty of engaging in piracy.

4: Engaging in actions, contracted or otherwise, against PACT Signatories or members without notification and provision of relevant legitimate documentation.

Star Citizen presents a unique challenge from an organizational perspective due to members being able to play the game currently for both entertainment and testing purposes while the game is being built in parallel. With players having the ability to join both casual and hardcore organizations, situations will arise that can affect Imperium’s reputation and public perception based on how members conduct themselves within Arena Commander.

Member expectations: Members are to adhere to all aspects of the Code of Conduct while participating in Arena Commander.

  • To sum it up shortly, don’t be a dick or troll.
  • Remember that how you conduct yourself in the game, regardless of game mode, has a direct correlation with Imperium and its reputation.
  • Respect other players at all times

Guidelines for using XML editing: If using XML edits, please refrain from doing so on public servers. The reasons for this our twofold.

  • Your actions can affect players in ways such as REC earning or having a pleasant experience.
  • Example: A new player in an Aurora MR joins a public swarm match and is looking to earn REC for better weapons and possibly a new ship. Instead he is witness to a m50 with 3 Mantises stealing all the kills. The end result is a new player who spent 20+ minutes with little to show for it in terms of REC and a bad experience.
  • The topic of XML editing is polarizing as many do not agree as to whether it pertains to testing or cheating. Considering the latter, negativity can spread, regardless of your opinion on the subject, that could lead to negative reputations of the player and ultimately Imperium.
  • It is also ENCOURAGED that any members that choose to participate in XML editing report their findings to CIG. After all, we are helping CIG to build the game. If you have the capacity to XML edit, you also have the capacity to report your findings.

Best practices:

  • Free Flight, in its definition, is essentially a space playground for pilots to explore their ships, controls, test aspects of the game, and practice. Its purpose is NOT to load in with the current High DPS loadout and shoot everything within view.
  • Always assume that there could be possible streamers while playing. This is important to note as streamers have a wider reach in regards to audience. What they see, their viewers see.
  • General rule to follow in free flight is do not shoot first. It is a great way to practice our current Imperium rule set in regards to confrontation as well as eliminates the opposing player from having any sort of ground to accuse a player of “griefing”.
  • If there is a group of players on a landing pad, DO NOT KILL them unless they provoke you. They mind their business, while you mind yours.

There are disciplinary actions that may take effect depending upon the severity of the offense. Infractions will be dealt with on a case to case basis and below are some examples of possible disciplinary actions.

Officers/Human Resources/Discord Moderators words are final. They may use any method of punishment/disciplinary actions they deem fit.

Rules, expectations, guidelines, and disciplinary actions can be changed, removed, or added at any time. These are simply an outline for how business is to be conducted at and within Imperium to ensure that the highest level of regard is maintained for our organization.