Utilizing a variety of web and PC based languages, the Technology Division develops, applies, and maintains the systems that Star Citizen Base, and by extension, Imperium, require to function smoothly.

Portal Tools

Portal Tools
Contained within the Admin Tools section are a large number of tools, separated into discrete functions, that will allow the officers (or other members with appropriate access), to maintain the various aspects of the Portal data structure.
These functions include but are not limited to: the ability to oversee the overall rank structure, ships available to be added to member hangers, the main areas of Unit focus and access permissions.
Further tools will be added as more modules go online.
Additionally, further tools are available where contextually appropriate. Such as adding new Certification to members is contained within the ‘Academy’ section. Or editing a Squad’s details or status is contained within the Units section.
The permissions system allows us to prevent access to functions that a particular type of member does not need access to. For example an Academy Officer would need access to add and edit the Certification definitions and tools to add them to members, but would not need access to hangar management.