The Operations Division is Imperium’s mission control element. As such, this division is responsible for coordinating mission creation, mission resources, and personnel allocation, with input from Imperium Fleet Command, as well as the officers and representatives of all the various divisions.

Division Sections Member Names
Senior Officer:
Training & Standards:
Section Officer:
Senior Specialist(s):
Engineering & Logistics:
Section Officer: Grizz
Senior Specialist(s):
Mission Coordination:
Section Officer: Arcanus
Senior Specialist(s):
Specialist(s): Fayt Kenbu
Data Collection / Tech Tooling:
Section Officer: Trophias
Senior Specialist(s):
Specialist(s): BryGen
Unit Coordination:
Section Officer:
Senior Specialist(s): Psychopath

Event Coordinator:

The Operations Division is Imperium’s central mission control and information hub. All missions will be coordinated through the Mission System on the SCB/Imperium portal. Operations primary function is to oversee and facilitate the distribution of pertinent intel, assets, and manpower that will assist Imperium members and divisional specialists in performing their missions successfully.

Operations objectives are as follows:

  • Management of the Mission System (MS) on the SCB/Imperium portal.
  • Maintain 24 hour support for Imperium Missions & Operations.
  • Centralize and distribute relevant information regarding adverse spatial phenomena, risk assessments for troubled areas, or special events taking place.
  • Facilitate the assignment of Imperium owned and entrusted assets, from single seat vessels to persistent capital ships.
  • Keep situational overview of Imperium forces and assets.
  • Facilitate emergency assistance with help from available forces.
  • Provide cross-divisional coordination.
  • Coordinate fleet-wide operations & missions.
  • Event Coordinators are responsible for community outreach and the coordination of community events.

Additionally, Operations Specialists are responsible for providing instruction to any Academy courses related to the Operations Division.