Human Resources is responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct, recruitment, conflict resolution, and moderation within Imperium. To contact one either submit a Portal Ticket, join our Discord, or private-message one of the Human Resources Members listed below on the roster.

Sub Commander:





Teamspeak/Discord Moderators:

Forum Moderators:

Event Coordinator:

Human Resources was founded in 2012 to handle recruitment and moderation tasks within the fleet.

The main objective of Human Resources is to keep Imperium’s environment productive and inviting. This includes helping members in any way possible and being the front facing aspect of Imperium's recruitment drive. When needed, Human Resources deals with internal conflict resolution between members of Imperium.

  • Human Resources Member: Human Resources Members are dedicated to assisting fleet members or recruits with any problems, conflicts, recruitment questions and more.
  • Recruiter: Recruiters handle Imperium's social media presence and publish information for potential recruits to view and discuss.
  • Discord Moderator: Discord Moderators are responsible for assisting Human Resources members and the officers in upholding the Code of Conduct and Discord Rules.
  • Event Coordinator: The Event Coordinators are responsible for community outreach and the coordination of community events.